How it works

Why choose EZ Doc?

  • Reduce GP administration by up to 80%.
  • Improve efficiency, safety and standardisation of clinical correspondence management.
  • Develop the team by up-skilling and enhancing the roles of non-clinical staff.
  • Incentivise a resilient GP workforce, with significantly reduced admin burden
  • Achieve key high impact actions of NHS England’s GP Forward View.
  • Fully funded through NHS England GP Forward View.
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EZ Doc – How it works

EZ Doc is designed to enable practices to reduce GP administration by up to 80%. Our 5 step process will guide you seamlessly through the EZ Doc journey from understanding your current processes and challenges, to implementing the new process and embedding it within your practice.

GP Surgeries can access EZ Doc through the GP Forward View funding made available via NHS England through CCGs.

We provide full support to CCGs and Federations on the engagement and implementation process with practices, to guide you on how this can be done successfully through our national experience.

EZ Doc members can monitor their performance and progress through our Dashboard, whilst GP Federations and CCGs can track performance across groups of practices. By implementing EZ Doc, you can also benefit from exclusive access to our other Primary Care innovations such as EZ Nav, our active signposting innovation, EZ Web, our digital practice websites and EZ Analytics, our business intelligence innovation.

The 5 Step Process

  1. Understanding and base-lining your current document management process
  2. Adapting any local requirements to our nationally adopted EZ Doc Document Assignment Protocol
  3. Face-to-face training for your GPs, managers and administrative staff , as well as practical pre-workshop online learning modules
  4. Implementation plan to embed EZ Doc within your practice with a 8 week suggested plan
  5. Auditing the safety, accuracy and efficiency of the new process through the online audit tool

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