Why choose EZ Doc?

  • Reduce GP administration by up to 80%.
  • Improve efficiency, safety and standardisation of clinical correspondence management.
  • Develop the team by up-skilling and enhancing the roles of non-clinical staff.
  • Incentivise a resilient GP workforce, with significantly reduced admin burden
  • Achieve key high impact actions of NHS England’s GP Forward View.
  • Fully funded through NHS England GP Forward View.
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Frequently Asked Questions

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How long does it take to implement and see the benefits of EZ Doc? how it works

EZ Doc has been delivered to surgeries within 4 weeks. Our experience with many practices suggests that the benefits of EZ Doc can start to be experienced within 1-2 weeks.

How many practices have adopted EZ Doc? how it works

EZ Doc has been adopted by over 30 CCGs across England and covering a combined patient population of over 3 million.

Has EZ Doc been reviewed by a medical indemnity organisation? how it works

Yes, the MPS and MDDUS have conducted a thorough review of EZ Doc. There has been no concern by either organisation relating to costs or validity of indemnity. Julie Price, MPS Head of Risk Management and Educational Consultancy made the following comment after reviewing EZ Doc: "From the information provided to me and following the demonstration of the product, it is my opinion that AT Medics have developed a robust and innovative process for the management of documents across the group of practices, in order to reduce clinicians' workload, improve the quality of Read coding and consistency across the practices. This is commendable. I am sure that this will be an invaluable resource within general practices, as long as practices adopt the same rigorous process that AT Medics have executed."

Has NHS England reviewed EZ Doc? how it works

NHS England commissioned a case study of EZ Doc and this has been nationally disseminated and showcased as part of the 10 High Impact Actions from NHS England's GP Forward View

How will EZ Doc be delivered? how it works

Our mode of delivery is a combination of GP-led workshops, in-practice expert training and e-learning modules with competency assessment.

Can EZ Doc be localised to the needs of different CCGs, Federations and Practices? how it works

Yes, our model is one that was initially developed to work across 16 CCGs, and continues to be adapted and tailored for the needs of practices and groups where EZ Doc is delivered.

Is EZ Doc registered with CQC? how it works

Only services require registrations with CQC. A number of the practices where we have implemented EZ Doc have been inspected by the CQC, who have commented positively on the model and three of which achieved CQC Outstanding ratings.

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